This Blog is set up to discuss skills used in action photography and chart this sites progress.



This site is set up to display action shots of non-mainstream sports, with a focus on extreme sports(Xsports).






Tauranga Surf Competition & free surfing


Three Star Kuta Surf Festival, Bali, Indonesia


Jet Ski surfing, Bali, Indonesia


Surfing Dreamlands, Bali, Indonesia


ASP Womans Surf Festival, Liencres-Santander, Spain


ASP Tandem Surfing, Liencres Beach, Spain


Waikiki Surf, Honolulu, Hawaii.


First Surfing shots, Queensland, Australia














Off Piste Ski-ing, Remarkables Mountains, Queenstown, N.Z


Kiteboarding, Liencres Beach, Spain


Kiteboarding World Series, Bad Saint Peter Ording, Germany


Kiteboarding World Series, Tarifa, Spain


32nd America's Cup, Valencia,Spain


Biking on the edge, Queensland, Australia


This weekends action shots, Queenstown, New Zealand.


Last weekends action shots, Queenstown, New Zealand.