Surfing into the sunset,

Waikiki beach, Hawaii.

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Hawaii is like the surf capital of the world, but this is not the best time of year for big surf.

So the south shores of the Islands(like Waikiki) have a few waves and they look great for beginners and recreational surfers.


This shot and all those below are taken from Waikiki Beach


















































All the above photos were taken with a 200mm lens at 20 meters plus of the subject, so have cropped them alot.

Getting the camera to focus on one subject with so many surfers around was the challenge for these shots.

Am working on the theory that a tele-converter could be the solution to focus on a subject at a distance better, so plan to post the results of experimenting with this in my actionphoto blog in coming weeks.









Good evening to the end of a beautiful day at Waikiki and all the great people that make this place memorable.











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