Kiteboarding World Series,

St Peter Ording, Germany.

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Freestyle competition.




Some free riding time between competitions.


















This image and the one above are taken, to show the speed of this event.
















The competition on the 2nd day was straight out speed racing around a marked course.






















My first view of Germany's North Sea beach.





Below is some of the other action on show on day 2 at St Peter Ording.
















On this occasion the BMX riders was the extreme sports of the day.









The above two images were the BMX guys doing some tricks. But not the landing from aerial tricks though.






The inflight action from this guy was out of this world.

It was comparable to the extreme sports action from the last kiteboarding event covered on this site from Tarifa.







The BMX bikers had the best airs of the day, as the kiteboarders were flat water racing only.

















Many of the local houses and some farm barns had magnificent old thatched roofs.





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