Liencres Beach, Spain.


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This sport is spectacular to see and really makes the most of what the natural environment has to offer by combining it with an activity involving a lot of courage and tenacity.

























This guy and another kiteboarder on the day were as good as the entrants in the two PKRA world kiteboard events I attended and photographed for this site.


Looks safe enough, but still requiring concentration at a few key times.





















This was one of the views from the sheltered spot I took some time out to enjoy the beach.








The image above and the two below are of a series showing a kiteboader getting started. It took a bit of time as the wind was quite light and fluctuating.

But generally this day was better for kiteboarding than it was for the Womans ASP surf ccompetition.














Living Xsport is part of what this site is all about, and this activity seems to fit.











The nice beach and scenery makes for a beautiful place to visit and enjoy.

Will say though it took me a bit of getting to from the Northern European continent.

Went via England with EasyJet and it took 4 planes, 4 trains(metros actually), 4 buses, 2 taxi's and a 2km run at the end of the day from the beach(Taxi was a bit hard to come by).









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