' 70.3 U.K ' , 2010



Photos and story by Michael and Karen Shead.





Elite Men top 10

1. Fraser Cartmell (SCO) 4:17:03
2. Philip Graves (GBR) 4:20:27
3. Jonas Djurback (SWE) 4:24:32
4. Faris Al-Sultan (GER) 4:26:23
5. Rich Allen (GBR) 4:26:46
6. Stephen Bayliss (GBR) 4:27:07
7. Joel Jameson (GBR) 4:29:09
8. Paul Ambrose (GBR) 4:32:35
9. Aleksandar Sorenson-Markovic (DEN) 4:35:27
10. Tristan Shipsides (GBR) 4:39:17
11. Jasper Blake (CAN) 4:40:11


Elite Women top 10

1. Bella Bayliss (SCO) 4:53:52
2. Tamsin Lewis (AUS) 4:55:42
3. Emma Kate-Lidbury (GBR) 4:56:26
4. Yvette Grice (GBR) 5:03:44
5. Alison Rowatt ( SCO) 5:05:46 * F25-29
6. Joanna Carritt (GBR) 5:09:31
7. Tracy Cook (GBR) 5:20:45 * F35-39
8. Kate George (GBR) 5:24:05 * F30-34
9. Helen Smith (GBR) 5:30:14 * F35-39
10. Libby Cameron (GBR) 5:35:23 * F30-34



Full Results






A good day for a tri














The relative calm before the storm.




















Cartmell fell coming out of the water.








Phil Graves first in on the bike.







Fraiser Cartmell 2nd in on bike.







Faris Al Sultan 3rd off the bike.

Can recognise those speedos anywhere.









Steve Bayliss into transition.








1st lady off bike - Emma Kate-Lidbury.






2nd lady off the bike - Tamsin Lewis.







Bella came in as 3rd lady on the bike.







Emma Kate-Lidbury was ahead running then overtaken.








Phillip Graves finished 2nd overall.








Bella Bayliss.







2nd lady running.








Fraser Cartmell 1st today.








Steve Bayliss.








Cartmell won.















Sam Lane 1st Age Grouper.








Female winner Bellla.













Bella & Steve Bayliss.







3rd lady.







2nd lady interview.







25 2nd lady int2nd lady meeting the photographers puppy.










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