Tapering for Events


Good tapering ideas here.

I am just an everyday competitor, but have been lucky get advice from some of the best guys in the sport. In my build-up to qualifying for the competitive 30-35 age group category(olympic distance triathlon in 2003), I made up my own training plan(using John Hellemans and Dave Scott's books). However I did talk with Scott Molina about half a dozen times and asked for a few tips. One that I remember well was about the taper in the last week before a big event. He advised no hard running in at least the last 5 days before an event, which sounds reasonable to me considering it still leaves the athlete open to a few fast bike and swim reps. Talked with a middle distance runner(Commonwealth medallist), about the last week taper and he said that they run right up to a couple of days before the big event.

Scott also put me onto the N.Z high performance coach at the time who helped make a plan for me for the next 5 months, so I can't say thanks enough.

So you can run hard right up to a few days before the big event, but why would you? I say this because in triathlon you have the option to do some fast repeats in the two other components right up to the last couple of days. Having been around six ITU world cups in the past year was surprised to see some athletes working out(running) right up to the evening before raceday. These athletes didn't kick butt the following day, so my take on it is to do a light swim the day before the event.


Note: Refer to tapering in Iron-Distance build-up link.


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