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'Epic Camp' looks tough(great).


Caught up with the 'Epic Camp' crew on the last day of their N.Z tour and was impressed.

Did a swim with them then took some photos as they raced to the top of 'Coronet Peak'.

It was inspirational watching them riding here so after they had gone by I ran up Coronet to the ski base to check it out. There was Gordo having a sit down so I asked where the rest were and he said they were still due back from running to the summit(he was first back?).
Didn't realise they were going to race on foot to the summit so was a bit amazed, and said so. At the time had thought they run back down, and that would be the hardest part in my mind(just rough tracks). Read their blogs the next day and see they actually caught the ski lift back down to the base, so was somewhat relieved for them.
Knowing all the N.Z terrain the 'Epic camp' team talk about on their blogs it sounds manageable, but cycling mountains in France sounds tougher again.

Really want to do an 'Epic camp' so this was a driving reason to catch up with them.
Think I will try and go a bit faster in my next(2nd) ironman then get along.

By the way the man who organised the world champs event at this lake in 2003 and who has been running tri's there since 1983 told me on Monday the swim across is 1020m-1050m depending where you measure it.

The first group including Gordo's wife Monica did it in 25mins or so and I was 5 mins back. Still faster than I do it by myself.

More later and will post some images on the events page..................................

Here is a link to the photos from the day I caught up with the 'Epic Camp' crew.







Altitude ironman training camp.



Click on the ironman training link above to check out this great training camp.

Firstly about the photo; three of the people instructing us on this camp are a sports scientist, Rob Creasy(extreme left with ankle brace due to a recent racing injury), swim coach Roly Crichton(wheel chair) and triathlon/ironman coach Dr John Hellemans(extreme right). The big version of this photo is on the events page!

Ien Hellemans also come along for the 3rd and 4th day of the camp to help with getting our nutrition right. Steve Gould with some help from his partner Nicky Samuels(ITU triathlete) prepared all the food and organised the overall running of the camp.

We stayed up in a lodge at high altitude on the snow farm(used as a cross country ski field in the Winter) and headed down the mountain to train in the day.



The following is a rough outline of what was covered:


- Presentation by John Hellemans (Current coach of many current New Zealand ITU triathletes and coach of ironman legend Erin Baker).


- Swim 1 hour at the Pool
   - 90 km bike circuit of the course. 
          - easy 40 min run at the snow farm. 

          - Presentation John Hellemans & Rob Creasy.



- Swim open water Lake Hayes 30-40mins            
      - 60 km bike over the Crown Range to Wanaka.
          - 21 km lap of ironman course.
          - Core Session.
           - Presentation on Monitoring during rest and training - Rob Creasy

We wore heart rate monitors for the bike and run on the Friday and for all three disciplines on the Saturday. Have never seen such detailed results and the feedback was incredible. Am tempted to get a heart rate monitor for the bike section of the race.

           - Training and race day nutrition with Ien Hellemans(N.Z Olympic team nutritionlist).

Ien calculated our hydration status over the course of this day and we got some very interesting feedback from this.


- 110km bike covering the rest of the Wanaka ironman course
    - 20 min run off the bike.
         - A quick dip in Lake Wanaka to cool off.


Will write some more later but the main things I got out of it was race pacing and training for this and raceday nutrition.

There was so much more great stuff but the two areas mentioned above will be the ones with some follow up points on this site. This site is really away of helping myself focus on some important areas to survive and complete an ironman event. Two points to begin is having some more carbohydrates for my pre-race breakfast and to start the run at my pre-determined ironman race pace.

Note to myself is to post some discussion on the heart and relate it to performance.


Another image of some of the group preparing for the ride over the Crown range to Lake Wanaka. This image is taken with Lake Hayes in the background where we had just completed a 30-40min race simulation swim.


Greatly appreciated while at this camp was also a talk with Dr Hellemans about niggling injuries of the hip region and also physiotherapist Andrew Abakhan(based at Lyttleton/Christchurch), who helped myself and several others out.

Some more points to consider:

- may require more salt(sodium) during the race.

- I had better get out and do some more training.



The following is a link to the organisers website of the 'Altitude Training Camp'.


Post 'Challenge Wanaka' thoughts.


The group that did the 'Altitude Training Camp' back in late November come up with some good results. Many of the participants at it were already very acomplished ironman/triathletes which says alot. They turned up because of the quality and value of the camp to a major degree.That is my plug for them as they plan to make it an annual thing.

Overall placings including pro individuals from the camp were:

4th womans,

9th, 14th, 18th, 28th, 38th(myself), 58th, 61st, 91st. There were 120 individuals at starting line.

Am missing one of the group but am trying to show the diversity of us. Can say they dealt with us well as a group and individually(it was kept to 10 plus the instructors).

At this camp during the nutrition talk, I said that my pre-race breakfast would be a big smoothy made of 1 and half litres of milk. All mixed up it was just over a litre and actually only had about half a litre of milk in it, so my mind was playing tricks on me. I also had 3 or 4 weetbix and feel good about my pre-race meal. The smoothy had a punnet of strawberries and 2 big organic eggs in it.

Spoke with another guy who was a bit disapointed with his result and he said he only had a couple of slices of toast for the pre-race breakfast and something else small. No where near enough for such a big day in my mind. Have heard the pre-race breakfast of N.Z's top pro was quite substantial so I would go with that.





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