South Island

Sports Festivalll


All photos by TriathlonShots.com



The photos below are of the sports festival half iron-distance race.

There is also a sprint triathlon, 10km and marathon run in conjunction with it.



Diederik pre-race using a borrowed bike today, the same one he used for the 'Tour of Southland'

he competed in a week earlier.





The day was very calm and warm, perfect for racing.





Swm race director Bill with the sunnies on the cap.

Bill has also been the swim director for Challenge Wanaka the last 4 or so years

and without people like him the events just wouldn't run smoothly.





Rob Creasy come back to defend his title.





Race briefing by event organiser Daniel Macdonald in the orange bib.





I was told the water was about 16 degrees but no one was complaining.














First buoy.





Lake Hood is a man made lake and it is certainly nicely done.





Rob Creasy first out of the 1.9km swim in a time of 22mins 32sec.

2mins ahead of the 2nd swimmer.





2nd swimmer out was Gary, 50-59 age group.

A 4hrs 37min finish time which seems super fast age group racing to me.

Well a minute faster than my best for this distance.






Next group and no swim cap.

Why no swim cap in cold water?










26min: 13sec was the first women Tamsyn Hayes.





Rob putting a bit more time into the chasers on the bike.





2nd today Diederik Sceltinga (NED) 4:07:02.

Flat course racing is fast.






3rd today Chris Keogh (NZ) 4:10:58.





5th Glen McSkimming.





4th Nathan Smith.
















8th John Ellis (NZ) 4:24:37




















2nd woman today Nikita Watkins (NZ) 4:59:44





Looking good.






Rob 1st


Tamsyn 1st




Diederik 2nd.

Not sure why the clock time is a minute different from his finis time?










4th Nathan Smith (NZ) 4:15:41





4th Tim Valentine(NZ) 4:21:43





6. 5th Glen McSkimming (NZ) 4:23:46






7th Geoff Willianson(NZ) 4:24:06






8th John Ellis (NZ) 4:24:37





9. 9th Russslell Harrison-Kirk (NZ) 4:25:09

This still seems a fast time to me, so quite a good field to race against.

Well I have checked out the race and plan to be there next year.







Men top 10

1. Rob Creasy(NZ) 4:01:04
2. Diederik Sceltinga (NED) 4:07:02
3. Chris Keogh (NZ) 4:10:58
4. Nathan Smith (NZ) 4:15:41
5. Tim Valentine(NZ) 4:21:43
6. Glen McSkimming (NZ) 4:23:46
7. Geoff Willianson(NZ) 4:24:06
8. John Ellis (NZ) 4:24:37
9. Russslell Harrison-Kirk (NZ) 4:25:09
10. Matt Mace (NZ) 4 :27:57







Women top 10

1. Tamsyn Hayes (NZ) 4:27:04
2. Nikita Watkins (NZ) 4:59:44
3. Julie Willianson (NZ) 5:04:24
4. Carol Cooper (NZ) 5:09:36
5. Sara Hanning (NZ) 5:16:47
6. Nicolette Le Cren (NZ) 5:18:43
7. Andie Lowry (NZ) 5:20:28
8. Alice Branch (NZ) 5:24:06
9. Karen Rasmussen (NZ) 5:25:51
10. Moira Tarry (NZ) 5:29:54







The above race was held at Lake Hood, Ashburton, New Zealand

November 10th, 2012





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