'London Olympics'


All photos by Satoshi Tagasaki.




Lisa Norden (Sweden) keeping warm pre race.



Helen Jenkins from Great Britain won here last year.














Sarah Groff (USA) had a good day taking 4th place.





Nicola Spirig has great recent form and even raced and won the Switzerland 70.3 on June 3rd.

Emma Moffat has been at the top of ITU racing the past few years but this was not to be her day.





















Andrea Hewitt one of the first off the bike, but 6th at the end.

A course with quite a few hills could help her gain those vital few places.










Lead group.





A chase group.





Erin Densham from Australia pushed the pace hard from the front.













1. Nicola Spirig (SUI) 1:59:48
2. Lisa Norden (SWE) 1:59:48
3. Erin Densham (AUS) 1:59:50


4. Sarah Groff (USA) 2:00:00
5. Helen Jenkins (GBR) 2:00:19
6. Andrea Hewitt (NZ) 2:00:36
7. Ainhoa Murua (ESP) 2:00:56
8. Emma Jackson (AUS) 2:01:`16
9. Jessica Harrison (FRA) 2:01:22
10. Kate McIlroy (NZ) 2:01:28






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