Off Piste Ski-ing, Remarkables Mountains, Queenstown, N.Z.


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All the images below were taken with a Nikon D80 film camera using a 70-300mm zoom lense.

The digital images below were all cut directly from the negatives. These images were cut to digital at 1400 dpi. However the option to get images cut to 4200dpi was available.

The shots were all taken on one day back in late 2002.

The use of film for comercial photogapher has been pretty much displaced by the new digital cameras.







No Ski lifts up this peak. Can you spot the orange jacket of the skier climbing(center of photo).

















Time for a break on the climb up.











The muscles are well warmed up and ready to go.












Time to pause and wave to the photographer.








Worth the climb for the deep powder.




















Put this image in to show how far back the photographer was for this series of images.













Leaving some nice tracks behind is a good feeling.








A break before a little chute to get the adrenalin running.






















A little jump turn to get the blood flowing.
















AAnotAnother series of shots taken of the Gallipoli Chute(below).






































Pictured here is a friend who took all the images of myself ski-ing some off-piste terrain.










The view on the drive down the Mountain is a great way to finish a great day.


The images above are the only ones on the PlanetXsport site that I haven't taken.

I did photograph the N.Z free ski-ing(extreme) event around the same time as the above series, but the quality when coverted to digital is too low(part of the reason was very flat light with camera set at the lenses best aperture of f5.6 at 300mm. Will try and find one to post later.











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