Ripcurl 3 Star Surf Festival,

Kuta, Bali.


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This page starts with some semi-finals images then goes onto the finals.

It finishes of with some action involving a jet ski towing a surfer to launch off some waves.




































Above is the semi-final action.

The images below are all of the final.










The top four set to fight it out for 1st.











Three of the top four men heading out to compete in the final round.





















Kuta Beach.













LLee Wilson in dominant form.























































The 3 shots above and the 2 below are a sequence taken from single waves.















































A happy Lee Wilson after taking this 3 star ripcurl event out.












The guy on the extreme right collected the prize for his mate that had placed in the top 4.

First place prize was 5 millon Rupiah which equates to about $550 USD. Not bad for a tough but enjoyable days work on the beach.
























This was part of the extra entertainment put on as well as a music concert.












The end of a beautiful day.











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