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2011 'Ironman U.K.'


All photos by Grant Baird ''






1300 entries makes for a good event.





The water was pefectly calm for swimming despite what this image shows.






Lost swim cap.. was as






























Doing ironman with 3 limb amputations.

Most of the disabled athletes were from the British army and some of them were doing the event in teams.





'Team true spirit' was an army team of the amputee's

One athlete in wheelchair.

The other going to transition unaided.





























































Nice views for the spectators.

Great running along these canals.

Great runs .




Fernando Fuentes from Spain.






Stephan Walser from Switzerland





Marcus Whelband from the U.K.

































Abigail Griffin from Australia


























There were some cars on the course and this one decided to block the way.
















Not on the start list ?
























































The water on the ground is from the drink station. It didn't rain.






11th overall is a good day.

There were 50 Kona spots allocated to this race.

And ironman Wales is still to come.






To see images of 'IM UK' Elite athletes

click here








































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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