2011 'Ironman U.K.'


All photos by Grant Baird 'TriathlonShots.com'






1300 entries makes for a good event.











Finish line in their sights.






Aaron Farlow was in the first group of 3 out of the water.

He had done the Alpe D'Huez only four days earlier.






Kirsten Moeller was going 'flat out' all day. Running well past the bike mount line.






3rd Nick Saunders (UK) 8:51:31






6th overall was Miguel Platero (ESP) 8:57:39 * M25-29







2nd Diane Riesler (GER) 9:25:41












There were some cars on the course and this one decided to block the way.






9th Toby Radcliffe (UK ) 9:04:23












out all

8th was Denmark's Tine Holst






4th Joanna Carritt (UK) 9:59:20






5th Claudia Johnston (CAN) 10:07:55 * F35-39






Kirsten Moeller






Aaron Farlow went 2hrs 41min for the run.

TBB took the mens race this weekend and the womens race at Frankfurt.

While team Abu Dhabi took the womens race todays and the mens race at Frankfurt.





5th Oliver Simon (UK) 8:54:28






7th Gregorio Morales (ESP) 9:01:43






10th Rob Creasy (NZ ) 9:05:27 * M30-34







Not sure if she is a pro but looks fit ;)















2nd Diane Riesler (GER) 9:25:41






8. Paul Hawkins ( UK) 9:03:40






3rd Yvette Grice (UK) 9:37:32






Running well in 2nd halfway through the run, but dropped well back.






Kirsten Moeller.











Aaron Farlow







1st Aaron Farlow (AUS) 8:24:33









2nd Romain Guillaume (FRA) 8:41:25






3rd Nick Saunders (UK) 8:51:31


4. Domenico Passuello (ITA) 8:51:54
5. Oliver Simon (UK) 8:54:28
6. Miguel Platero (ESP) 8:57:39 * M25-29
7. Gregorio Morales (ESP) 9:01:43
8. Paul Hawkins ( UK) 9:03:40
9. Toby Radcliffe (UK ) 9:04:23
10. Rob Creasy (NZ ) 9:05:27 * M30-34






1st Kirsten Moeller (GER) 9:19:04






2nd Diane Riesler (GER) 9:25:41





3. Yvette Grice (UK) 9:37:32
4. Joanna Carritt (UK) 9:59:20
5. Claudia Johnston (CAN) 10:07:55 * F35-39
6. Elizabeth Hutson (UK) 10:12:31 * F30-34
7. Karen Smith (BER) 10:30:49 * F40-44
8. Tine Holst (DEN) 10:33:59 * F30-34
9. Bethan Fowler (UK) 10:34:39 * F30-34
10. Kerri Renshaw (AUS) 10:35:24 * F35-39




All the finishers got 'fish and chips'.

A Bolton delicacy?



































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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