Dreamlands Beach Surfing,

South Bali, Indonesia.


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Pictured below is some non-competition surfing mixed in with a few images from this day on the beautiful Bali Island.





The picture directly below this was taken to show the coastal break(close to the cliffs in the distance).







I am no expert but the coastal breaks look to give the surfers the longest ride.
















Balinese fisherman.















MOne of my favourite images from the day.









Choosing to bail out, but I am not sure why, as it was looking good.










Dreamlands beach.


















These two girls had hired a car for 10 days, and they invited me to tag along for a 6 day trip around Bali, an offer I couldn't refuse.

Images of a three star Ripcurl surfing competition and some more images from the trip around Bali can be found at Kuta Surf Festival.


























Well worth a visit.

And yes there was a wind surfer in action.

And yes there









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