Kiteboarding World Series,

Tarifa, Spain.

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Deporte Espectacular.


The Spanish expression 'Deporte Espactacular' translates as 'Sport Spectacular' and is very true for kiteboarding.



Kevin Langeree and Ruben Lenten battling it out in the world series semi-final.











Ruben Lenten is 'the best' from this pages editor(see notes/photos at the bottom of page).







The guy in the air is one of the competitors in the PKRA world series event and this shot shows how close it was run to the general public.

This image was taken from the event location at Valdevaqueros beach and is looking back towards the town of Tarifa.

The mountains in the background are part of Morocco.

















Different technical aspects included 'big air' and 'best technical tricks' made up some of the components of the freestlye.












A top placing was well deserved with technical tricks shown in this series of shots.









Aaron Hadlow was the numero uno in the mens field.









Gisela Pulido was the numero uno(number one) female in the freestyle kite boarding event at Tarifa.


Pictured below is Gisela in action and she has a big future ahead of her, as she is only 13 years old.










Above and below another one of the womans competitors showing how to do a board grab in the air.











More inflight action from one of the female competitors.







The sand dunes in the background made for a great backdrop, for this 'espacular deporte'.








Above and below are the podium placed male and females in the competitive professional freestyle event.












Thankyou very much to the editor of this page(pictured above and below).







This website is to have photo coverage of an upcoming world series kiteboard event, in big wave surf.




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