Last Weekends Action Shots,

Queenstown, N.Z.

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Skurfing(ski surfing), has been around for some time according to my earliest memories(30 years ago) and I remember thinking it looked cool at the time.






Starting to loose it.





And a great recovery.








































Below is a series of shots taken in the Kawarau river of white water river boarding.





A view from above of the rapid(chinese dogleg).






The group(at right),scoping out the rapid before making a run through.






Last minute directions from the guide.








It looks like entering a big washing machine.









For those that want something a little bit less challenging, this rapid also gets rafted several times a day.



















The lead guide helping one of the group through this decent sized rapid. If you are feeling a bit bored with your everyday job, how about this rapid as your office.









Everyday action in the surrounding area of Queenstown, more recently coined as the adventure capital of the world.
















The guide doing a head count after another good pass through the chinese dogleg rapid. Don't ask me where the name comes from though.






This native New Zealand falcon came to check me out when I was down at the river. Was informed several years ago by a falconer in the U.K that the N.Z falcon matches up impressively with others of the species when it comes to speed and agility.

For anyone interested in more photo's of N.Z's native fauna, there is soon to be a discrete link

in my background page to display these.



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