'Challenge Wanaka' 2012,

Iron-Distance Triathlon, N.Z.


All photos by TriathlonShots.com






Away on the 6.30am deadline.

The shallow water is making it look pretty rough for swimming.





It doesn't look all that bad for swimming out there.










The water temp was about 19 degrees celsius today.





The lake was better for swimming this year compared to 2011.





Looking across to the start area.

The lake is lower than usual.






Kieran Doe leading the charge early with Bryan Rhodes on his tail.

Bryan pulled out after his 2nd flat tyre today.





Aaron Farlow coached by Brett Sutton and TeamTBB.





Jamie Whyte last years winner of the Individual Challenge Wanaka Iron-distance.

Other recent results are:

3rd Challenge Vichy 2011
4th Challenge Cairns 2011
2nd Taiwan 70.3 2010
3rd Calgary 70.3 2009






Courtney Ogden

This early part of the course was less exposed to the strong winds compared with what lay ahead.





5th today Jimmy Johnsen (DEN) 9:09:05

He was 4th last year in 9:16:45





Gina Crawford has had a big past year with a new baby and all the earthquakes in Christchurch.





6th today for Nicole Ward (AUS) 10:12:39










7th today Scott Defilippis (USA) 9:16:00





5th Julia Grant (NZL) 10:01:49 .




















8th Jodie Scott (AUS) 10:53:43










2nd for the former professional cyclist Britta Martin (GER) 9:47:39










3rd Simone Maier (GER) 9:57:42










Water ski-ing in the background looks good to me.






















10th Carl Read (NZL) 9:24:15 *

* Age group 30-39






4th Candice Hammond (NZL) 9:58:39















Aaron Farlow first off the bike.

Recent results include:

1st Ironman UK 2011
1st Noumea International triathlon 2011
2nd Ironman Wales 2011
3rd Challenge Vichy 2011
3rd Alpe' D'Huez triathlon 2011
3rd ITU Long Course World championship series China 2011





Kieran Doe 2nd off the bike today.









Petr Vabrousek wasn't far behind.





Keen doing the full distance on 'Bike Friday'.





Age grouper Richard McClew





Cupcakes are a new one at transitions to me.





Mark Howard running strong.






John Smart in his 6th Challenge Wanaka getting the sunscreen on.





A1st today Aaron Farlow (AUS) 8:41:53





Kieran Doe





6th today for Nicole Ward





Andrew Abakhan first in the 40-49 age group.

First in the age gets a free entry for Roth.

























Matt Webster.










Jamie Whyte










Swimming down the river looks like a more relaxing option.




Aaron Farlow

Gina Crawford




Top 10 men:Pro men:


1. Aaron Farlow (AUS) 8:41:53
2. Jamie Whyte (NZL) 8:51:43
3. Kieran Doe (NZL) 8:57:17

4. Courtney Ogden (AUS) 9:08:42
5. Jimmy Johnsen (DEN) 9:09:05
6. Petr Vabrousek (CZE) 9:15:21
7. Scott Defilippis (USA) 9:16:00
8. Marc Pschbizin (GER) 9:23:15
9. Simon Cochrane (NZL) 9:23:15
10. Carl Read (NZL) 9:24:15 *

* Age group 30-39

Pro PTop 10 women:Pro men: :


1. Gina Crawford (NZL) 9:44:06
2. Britta Martin (GER) 9:47:39
3. Simone Maier (GER) 9:57:42

4. Candice Hammond (NZL) 9:58:39
5. Julia Grant (NZL) 10:01:49
6. Nicole Ward (AUS) 10:12:39
7. Tamsyn Hayes (NZL) 10:16:23
8. Jodie Scott (AUS) 10:53:43
9. Jo Carrel (NZL) 11:26:19
10. Julie Williamson (NZL) 11:28:32 **

** Age group 40-49






Aaron left it all out on the course.










2nd Jamie Whyte (NZL) 8:51:43






3rd Kieran Doe (NZL) 8:57:17







8th Marc Pschbizin (GER) 9:23:15

Marc won this race back in 2008.






9th Simon Cochrane (NZL) 9:23:15





10th Carl Read (NZL) 9:24:15 *

* Age group 30-39





2nd Britta Martin (GER) 9:47:39





3rd two years running was Simone Maier (GER) 9:57:42





4th Candice Hammond (NZL) 9:58:39





5th Julia Grant (NZL) 10:01:49







The above is two photos joined together and shows Lake Wanaka.

Wanaka township can be seen at the right side of the Lake.

The cycle course goes alongside the lake for the first 40km(out and back), at the base of the mountain where this image was taken.



Hope you enjoyed the photos.TWehe






To visit the official 'Challenge Wanaka' website click here


I did the Challenge Wanaka half in 2010 and the full the 2 years before that. You can read about my days on my blog here !

The first place age groupers in both the full & half Challenge Wanaka all won a free entry to this years Challenge Roth.







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