'Challenge Wanaka' 2011,

Iron-Distance Triathlon, N.Z.


All photos by TriathlonShots.com





Top 10 men:Pro men:

1. Jamie Whyte (NZL) 9:03:53
2. Courtney Ogden (AUS) 9:07:25
3. Bevan McKinnon (NZL) 9:07:37
4. Jimmy Johnsen (DEN) 9:16:45
5. Josh Rix (AUS) 9:20:32
6. Petr Vabrousek (CZE) 9:27:44
7. Richard Thompson (AUS) 9:29:15
8. Brendan Hart (NZL) 9:31:28 * AG M30-39
9. Axel Reiser (GER) 9:35:29
10. Chris Bisley (NZL) 9:37:50 * AG M30-39

Pro PTop 5 professional women:Pro men: :

1. Belinda Granger (AUS) 10:26:17
2. Simone Maier (GER) 10:32:25
3. Christie Sym (AUS) 10:36:57
4. Joanna Carritt (GBR) 10:57:21
5. Belinda Harper (NZL) 11:23:15






Professional athletes in the white caps.

Age group athletes in the orange caps.

Very low light due to heavy clouds and the time of the day being about 6.20am (sun comes up about 6.30am). I will have to take my flash along in future for those cloudy days and early mornings.







Age group athletes in the orange caps.

The white swim caps of the pro athletes can just be made out at left.







Individual Challenge Wanaka Iron-distance start.

About 300 individuals took on the race full distance today.

The half ironman and teams events started in the hours soon afterwards and included another 900 athletes.





The lake looks good in the above images but it was already quite rough as the photos below will show.






The water temp was about 17 degrees celsius today.

The lead athletes can be seen in the foreground and the rough lake conditions are more evident.






Lead 3 swimmers of the Individual Challenge Wanaka Iron-distance are only just visible in this image.

I like the dramatic image created by the steep mountains on the lakes edge.









Lead 3 cyclists (above and below) at about 10kms into the Individual Challenge Wanaka Iron-distance.

This early part of the course was less exposed to the strong winds compared with what lay ahead.

Interesting they all have the same cycle shoes on?.











PLast years 2nd place pro Keegan Williams didn't have a day to remember.






4th today Jimmy Johnsen (DEN) 9:16:45






Age grouper looking good.






At 20km it was down to 2 cyclists out front.

Certainly looks like the 7m gap rule is being used to full advantage.







7th pro today was Richard Thompson (AUS) 9:29:15






10th overall was Chris Bisley (NZL) 9:37:50 * AG M30-39






Steven Lord from the U.K took the mens 40-49 age group win in 10hrs 14mins.









New Zealand's Belinda Harper (above and below), was well ahead of all the other woman early on.

Belinda was also the first age group female finisher at the Kona World champs.

Somewhere around halfway of the race she was blown off her bike by the strong winds.

A mate went past her not long after said she was visibly upset and had a a few bleeding grazes...ouch...and too bad because it would have been an interesting duel.










ll1st Belinda Granger (AUS) 10hr 26min 17sec

Belinda made it two wins from two starts in Wanaka.B





Nice scenic ride.

A bit overcast, but that can be good if the sun burns your skin. The 2 days prior were quite hot with temperatures hitting mid 30's.










Jamie Whyte first off the bike.




Bevan McKinnon second off the bike about 5mins back on Jamie Whyte






Start of the run for Jamie Whyte





Courtney Ogden








Keegan Williams was still in the prize money as the organisers paid to 10th place of registered pro men.

Some of the half Challenge athletes can be seen in the background finishing the bike.






Courtney Ogden would pass McKinnon on the run to take 2nd.







Tamsyn Hayes was doing well at this stage but fell back a bit during the run, finishing in 11hrs 6mins .

But 1st in the 18-29 age group gets her an entry and Roth 2011.






5th today to Josh Rix (AUS) 9:20:32


2nd Simone Maier (GER) who seems to be based locally






1st Jamie Whyte








2nd Courtney Ogden


3rd Bevan McKinnon







1st Belinda Granger in 10hr 26min






2nd Simone Maier (GER) 10:32:25


3rd Christie Sym (AUS) 10:36:57







UnderPaul Davies was first in the 18-29 age group.

Going under 10hrs today in the strong winds is a super result for any age group athlete.







3rd in the 20-29 age group Diederik from Netherlands taking it easy after finishing.

His time today was 10hrs 39min but he went well under 10hrs at Kona only months before.




Full individual results here




The above is two photos joined together and shows Lake Wanaka.

Wanaka township can be seen at the right side of the Lake.

The cycle course goes alongside the lake for the first 40km(out and back), at the base of the mountain where this image was taken.

Three of us (including the guy laid out above) climbed this 1600m mountain(Mt Roy) the weekend after Challenge Wanaka.


Hope you enjoyed the photos.TWehe






To visit the official 'Challenge Wanaka' website click here


I did the Challenge Wanaka half last year and the full the 2 years before. You can read about my days on my blog here !

The first place age groupers in both the full & half Challenge Wanaka all won a free entry to this years Challenge Roth.







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