'Challenge Wanaka' 2010,

Iron-Distance Triathlon, N.Z.


Photos by TriathlonShots.com except cycle photos which were by Robin Ducker.





Pro men:Pro men:

1. Richard Ussher (NZL) 8:34:36
2. Justin Daerr (USA) 8:38:00
3. Keegan Williams (NZL) 8:41:00

4. Petr Vabrousek (CZE) 9:00:09
5. Brian Fuller (AUS) 9:08:20
6. Marc Pschebizin (GER) 9:14:15
7. Paul Westwood (NZL) 9:17:22
8. Andrew Black (NZL) 9:43:03 *AG M30-39
9. Robert Palmer (SGP) 9:46:12 *AG M30-39
10. Paul Baskett (NZL) 9:47:48 *AG M30-39

Pro PPro men:Pro men: :

1. Gina Crawford (NZL) 9:28:56
2. Rebekah Keat (AUS) 9:30:11
3. Lisbeth Kristensen (DEN) 10:03:09

4. Jodie Scott (AUS) 10:15:26
5. Celia Kuch (NZL) 10:25:13
6. Jessica Lawson (NZL) 10:38:37
7. Amanda Till (NZL) 11:10:25 *AG F30-39
8. Jodie Currie (NZL) 11:14:32 *AG F20-29
9. Amy Jenkinson (NZL) 11:29:46 *AG F30-39
10. Katrin Walbert (NZL) 11:43:25 *AG F30-39






Looks like the right attitude to get through the day right here.







The lake was looking good at this stage and stayed perfectly calm all day.









The water temp was 14 degrees celsius today compared to last few years at 18 degrees on race day.








Individual Challenge Wanaka Iron-distance start.







First marker buoy being rounded.






P7th. Paul Westwood (NZL) 9:17:22







Brian Baskett of NZ placed 3rd in his age group.






1st. Gina Crawford (NZL) 9:28:56



Richard Ussher was the fastest over the 180km including all the team competitors. ad the fastest







Brian Fuller was 5th today.

He was first out of the water and 6 minutes ahead of the main swim pack. oday






4th Jodie Scott from Australia in a great time for this course of 10:15:26






Celia Kuch was 5th pro woman and has started in every 'Challenge Wanaka'.






3rd Lisbeth Kristensen (DEN) 10:03:09





Garth Barfoot aged 74 didn't have the day he was after and pulled out after the bike.










Felix the Challenge Roth director doing the full distance. Even though he come off a motorbike only weeks earlier.








Age grouper.









Age groupers.







Lisbeth Kristensen












3rd. Keegan Williams (NZL) 8:41:00








Wonder Women was part of a team.











Richard said after the race that he is aiming for Kona this year.







Richard said he hopes to race well at the Abu Dhabi race in March and it should suit him as it is a 3km swim, a 200km cycle and a 30km run. If anything only his swim is holding him back but he is focusing on that aspect.








2nd. Justin Daerr (USA) 8:38:00




























Gina Crawford(nee Ferguson).








2nd. Rebekah Keat (AUS) 9:30:11













Last team crossing the line.



FelFelix the Challenge Roth director and the Challenge Wanaka director Victoria celebrating the end of the day. ix a







To visit the official 'Challenge Wanaka' website click here


This year the organisers introduced the option of a half 'iron-distance event also, which was great !

I did the Challenge Wanaka half this year and you can read about my day on my blog here !

The first place age groupers in both the full & half Challenge Wanaka all won a free entry to this years Challenge Roth.







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