Bike maintenance


Bike Maintenance checklistllllllllllllllllllllllllll

So I start the bike preparation pointers here(to remind me to do it and help you) :

- check the wear on the chain and rear cassette.

- check the cranks and rear cassette are not loose and tighten them; check seat and handlebars etc are tight also,

- regularly check the tyres for wear, especially the rear tyre as it will wear more quickly ; put new tyres and tubes on the wheels for your most important race.

- clean the bike with warm soapy water(this should be done regularly anyway),

- check spokes and wheels are not faulty and that the wheels are running 'true',

- check that the brakes aren't worn and that they are set up to work effectively; fix the problem if the brakes are sticking,

- check there are no cracks developing in the frame and especially the front forks,

- When training it is a good idea to carry a little bit of cash such as a $20 note. Obviously it gives you spending power for food etc but it was also useful one time to get me home when a rear tyre split such that the new inner tube was bulging through the tyre wall. It was very effective in this case as a liner inside where there was a split tyre.

- be careful with the packing of your bike when travelling. I like to leave the rear wheel on when travelling to protect the back forks, but I remove the front wheel and put a plastic spacer between the front forks. I don't remove the rear deraileur but make sure your bike is in a gear so that it protrudes to the side the least.

You may wish to remove the rear derailler and wrap it up well then tape it to the back forks. The reason to remove the rear derailler is to prevent it from getting bent out of place during transportation, especially if your bike box is not rock solid.

- at your home or base it is good to have all the basic tools to do the basic maintenance. You will need to take the essential tools with you when you travel also. When training I like to take a tool with several 'Allen keys' and other basic bike tools on it.

- a tip for changing your rear tyre is to make sure the chain is in the small cog. This will make it more easy to take off and replace the wheel. Having your front deraileur in the smaller cog will help also.


Tools for removal of the 'rear cassette'.....................................................................................Spoke adjuster tool.








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