ASP Tandem Surfing Worlds,

Liencres Beach , North Spain.


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This looks to be a good wave, but mostly the waves were very fickle.

That is the tandem surfers had to work harder to perform there routines.

























This combination looks to be the same two people I photographed in the Waikiki(Honolulu) sunset back in June of this year.

Am sure these two were more spectacular back in Waikiki beach when there was a bit more surf.

See the photos in the page titled Waikiki surf.




















The are surfers and windsurfers were supposed to be out of the evnt zone while the competition was on so surprised to see I captured this one.









This combination seemed to be the best of the day through my camera lens but am not certain who took the title out.

Living Xsport is part of what this site is all about, and this activity seems to fit.







Didn't manage to capture these two in action as I concentrated on those who had longer rides and come closer into shore.

The scenery made for a great backdrop, and to see more check out the ASP womans world surf champs page.

TtThere are also more shots showing the great scenery from this day on the North Spain Kiteboarding page.








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